Hey guys,

We are in our home recording room (study full of ****), and we are fiddling around with tracking guitar tones.

We are finding the high end nice but the low end a little too boomy and flubby.

The cab is sitting on its castors, on carpet. The rear of it is approximately 30cm from the wall behind it.

EQ on the amp is pretty flat. 6 treble, 4 mids, 6 bass. Using these same settings we got a tight tone in a different room by placing a hollowed out book shelf in front of the cab and covering the cab and book shelf with doonas. It tightened up the low end, but we haven't been able to reproduce the sound here.

What strategies can we employ to get rid of flubbiness and boom?


Chris, Chris and Nick
Closed or open back?

Edit: Nvm. Marshall closed.
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Update: Taking off the casters made all the difference. Cheers for that.
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