when i bend on lower strings (D and G string specifically) they ocasionally snap. I like to blame it on the quality of the strings but i wonder if there might be something i'm doing wrong with my bending techique.

i also have real difficulties bending on the high E-string, my finger can't get a decent grip or something and more of then than not my finger goes sliding over or under the string in the middle of a bend.

any tips? or perhaps some info on proper bending technique?
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are you doing this on an electric guitar, or an acoustic?

Its the electric guitar forum, so from that we can deduce that its on an electric guitar.

TS: Get some thicker/higher gauge strings to prevent snapping. To improve bending work on finger strength.
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it's all coming back

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Its the electric guitar forum, so from that we can deduce that its on an electric guitar.

would you be surprised if it wasn't?
i don't have a guitar of my own so the only strings i snap are studio guitar strings. i was just wondering if the string snapping may have something to do with the way i'm bending them.

and i did mean on an electric guitar

since there really isn't anything i can do apart from buying strings to use on someone else's guitar :-D i'll work on my finger strength.

thanks for the quick answers!
Try to control how much you bend, Work on bending to the perfect half step and step.
It is always more impressive!
so its not your guitar that your playing? its always been a matter of getting used to the neck for me. on maple its a little slippy and it took me a few weeks to be able to bend the e string good. but on ebony/rosewood its like to grippy if you know what i mean and sort of hard to bend, all in all i got used to it though. good luck.