hello GG&A, my blackheart killer ant is coming in a few days. i am aware that it comes with no eq at all, so im assuming that i will need one.

i play mainly GnR (appetite, UYI 1 and 2) and numerous other rock genres. i also would like to play metal (pantera, tallica, megadeth).

and so, i'm looking for reccomendations for an eq before it arrives so i don't actually waste time. i have no idea what my budget for this is supposed to be. preferably something that doesnt cost more than the amp itself?
Quote by wesselbindt
Have a look into the MXR 108, it might be a bit expensive, but it's worth the money. And it's a ten band eq.

Edit: Crappy suggestion, srry. MXR M-109 6-Band Equalizer Pedal is cheaper.

wait.. the MXR 108 is impressive. and i've found me a nice 2nd hand deal for it locally. any known problems with it? comparing against the Boss GE series?
MXR is a lot better than Boss. Their pedals are very reliable and sound great. Definetly go for the MXR over the Boss.