Hi there, i'm currently playing an Epiphone Les Paul with seymour duncan JB in the bridge and '59 in the neck. My amp at the moment is a VOX AD15VT which is fine but i want that authentic tube amp sound. I don't want to gig it, just practice at home. I play mostly hard rock, blues and quite a bit of metal. I don't mind the amp not being too high gain cus i will probably get pedals to suit that but at the same time i'm not too bothered about cleans. I've been looking at the Laney LC15, anything else i can compare it with?
You should probably give a budget because people will recommend you Spider 3s, Hiwatts and everything in between.
Budget is liiike....I dunno, however much it costs to meet my needs i guess. Hopefully not much more than £200
The practice valve amps I know about are the Ibanez Valbee, The Peavey Royal 8, The Epiphone Valve JR (or something of that nature). their is a small fender tube amop but its name escapes me at the moment.

I haven't tried any of these personally but I think they are in your price range. Hopefully sombody more informed than me will come soon and recommend something better.
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I believe you're thinking of the Fender Blues Junior crimson moon. I own it and it's a very good amp, but I've been having trouble with the tubes lately.
i think he means fender champion 600. 5 watt with 6 inch speaker. you're gonna get the most features form the royal 8. I believe its the only one with a gain,tone,and master volume knob as well as a headphone jack which makes it great for practicing
Out of your price range I guess, but the Blackheart Little Giant paired with a Fulltone OCD pedal would be the perfect practise rig for that type of music.

I'd still reccomend the Blackheart though, even if you can't afford the pedal
Peavey Windsor Studio 20w 1x12 tube combo amp.

$399 US at Guitar Center, that turns into just over 400 pounds and Ive heard a lot of good things about the windsor series.
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^ +1

It also has a built in attenuator. Don't bother if you need "sparkley cleans" tho.