I am going to be playing a Battle of the Bands soon at The Door in Dallas, and I would like to get my own wireless kit. I play places and they have their own that I use, but I'm looking to get my own now that I'm in a band of my own and will be playing shows.

So anyways, my question is, on a $300-$400 budget, what is a good quality wireless kit that I can purchase for my bass? Don't wanna be tripping over cords on stage and stuff. I've been looking on musiciansfriend and music123 and stuff, but it doesn't really help if you can't try it yourself...

Any suggestions?
At the Guitar Center in arlington they have wireless rigs from 60-300 bucks

i got a 60 dollar one and it sounds just fine

the guy said it was actually better than the 100 dollar one =O