Why are my uploaded tabs not online?
I uploaded a few tabs (chords) last saturday (9 days ago), but they're still not online...
The Interpret is "Stefanie Heinzmann", who is already on UG.
Could the german language be a problem? (I don't think so, because they are a lot german songs on UG)
What could be the problem? I don't want my time for tab it get wasted....

Thx for help!
Tabs don't get uploaded straight away, they need to be reviewed first. People can check out and vote for all "tabs pending approval", and the best tabs get uploaded. It's just a matter of time before people check out your tab and rate it... But for relatively unknown tabs, this might take a while (because few people know the song, so they don't rate your tab!).

You can check out the status of your contributions here:
It shows whether your tabs are accepted ("A"), denied ("D") or waiting approval ("W").