I just bought a new 2008 Epiphone Les Paul Custom in alpine white . It is literally 2 days old. I even have the recipt, original box and manuals. I also just bought a HSC for it. I'm Looking for Trades really but offer me what you have. As far as trades go i am looking for MIA strats, the squire classic vibe strats, nice tube amps, and maybe some prs guitars if you can get them to me cheap enough. I am not interested in other les pauls, and peavey amps. I have a crate v18 212, an ovation cc057, and a peavey classic 50 212. If you have an ovver, post here, pm me, message me on aim at chryee090130, or email me at chryee090130@gmail.com. I can get pics if requested.
You didn't say WHY you wanna get rid of a brand new EPi LP 8-)
I must stop wasting time in The Pit and practice!
I just dont like the les paul shape lol. I thought i would love it because a while ago i triend one out, but im more of a double cut strat/prs type of guy.
i have a mij strat from the 80's. interested?
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