So I'm planning to totally revamp my parts-built Stratocaster soon, and I need a new neck.

You see, around the higher frets - maybe the fifth/sixth onwards - my fingers feel uncomfortable reaching the sixth string, particularly when I have to do a four fret stretch wth my first and fourth fingers. It feels very uncomfortable, as I have to bend my pinky to the side to hit the note. This shouldn't be, as I can do the same thing with no trouble on the higher three strings. I think my neck profile is a C.

So what neck profile would you recommend for me? I want - need - to be able to reach the sixth string properly.

Just so you know, here are my finger measurements:

First: 3 inches
Second: 3 & 1/4 inches
Third: 3 inches
Fourth: 2 & 1/2 inches

So the ruler says, anyway. Any help would be magical - thanks
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this might seem like a horribly dumb idea (that might be a big FAIL), but yeah...the neck you don't like now, try sanding the back down, get it to something you like, then go out and buy a new one in the dimensions you want, as that one will now be f***ed for further use.

Warmoth has a good line of necks to look at, either way.

EDIT: The sanding being there to get it to dimensions you like...
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What will you be playing the most? Lead or rhythm?

A C shape is awesome for rhythm, but sucks for lead and a flatter thinner neck goes the other way around.

I have just average sized fingers and hands (size 9 gloves) and I prefer a thin neck like that n Ibanez or Yamaha guitars even though I play rhythm the most.
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Sanding it down and measuring would be a very last resort... I'd prefer to have a pre-set shape though, as it would be easier to replace.

And, I'm an all round player... solos and chords. I saw this image and I think the large/medium Vs look good - based on the finger measurements I gave, does anyone think they could give me an estimate on what profile is best for me?

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