So ive been looking on some bigsby whammy bars and i think it looks awesome on a SG, tho my concern is if it stays in tune?

it would be really ****ty if my guitar went from staying in tune to going out of tune from every strum.

but i would really like one cause its a nice effect and it makes the guitar exstra cool.

so should i do it or not? my main concern is if it stays in tune.

and what models can fit on my SG, its the B5 right?
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Go for the B5, I love my SG with it. I would also recommend a roller bridge, Schaller makes a pretty good one. Otherwise, the lower, wound strings can get caught on the bridge saddles, throwing the guitar out of tune with just a few uses. Also, Bigsby installation is almost entirely idiot-proof. Just measure about 12,000 times, drill four holes in the guitar, and screw it in. No routing, no problem. You can often find cheap (read: inexpensive, not poor quality) B5s on eBay, or just by searching Google. Happy hunting!
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Something like this? http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Bridges,_tailpieces/Electric_guitar,_Tune-o-matic_bridges/Locking_Roller_Bridge.html

im also planning to buy some seymour duncan pickups the sh4jb and sh2n.

but i dont know if i have the guts to put the pickups and the bigsby in the guitar cause i would cry if i messed something up, so im kinda planning to go to my guitar shop and make them put in the pickups and the bigsby :P

so ur saying if i buy a bigsby and a roller bridge is should be all set and not out of tune?
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If bigsbys threw your guitar out of tune, then they wouldn't have got to be so popular. They are pretty stable, but don't expect alot of range.
well seen lots of reviews and stuff where it says that it goes out of tune, with just a wind blow so i dont know really what to believe :p
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Bigsbys stay in tune very well, but they lack in range.
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Quote by bv310
Bigsbys stay in tune very well, but they lack in range.
so u dont recommend me to buy anthing else than the bigsby to keep it in tune?
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Id get some locking tuners, mostly because there a good idea anyway. And im pretty sure that Jaguar/Strat tremolos have more range than Bigsbys.
^ different designs...

One thing i tell everyone. Don't get a guitar shop employee or a tech to do a simple mod to your guitar, do it your self, all you gotta do is unsolder a few wires and solder in those wires (about 2 wires) for the pickups
for the bigsby, you gotta dowel the holes from your tailpiece and drill new ones for the bigsby.
Get either a roller bridge or a bridge with graphite saddles, also get a graphite nut.

I would say, dont get a bigsby and buy a trem with more range like a kahler (plus its locking, no going out of tune except for bends [although they come back in tune with a dive bomb])

The kahler will involve a small but simple route.
well i dont want to mess my guitar up u know, by modding it im afraid ill **** it up . and im going for that oldschool cool look, i think bigsby looks cooler
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you can not **** up your guitar by doweling 2 holes and drilling 4 or so little holes...

well its pretty hard to anyway
hehe well basically its 4 holes and roller bridge so i dont go out of tune constantly?
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the roller bridge should just fit on your old bridges studs

It will.
Fitting the Bigsy is pretty simple too.
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I gotta agree with cam's suggestions. For stability in tuning, you can't get much better than a Bigsby. but like I said, thy have a small range. Locking tuners will help alot, as will the roller bridge. Also, do it yourself. Guitar techs at shops usually have thesame amount of experience as you do, but are in a rush to do it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bN2MLRbIC5M this will help you see how easy the mod is. It's being added to a tele, but the process is the same
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