I decided I want to start shaping, and experimenting with my sounds and tones, but i've been told that my amp isn't that great for pedals and such. I have a line 6 Spider III (I know how people here feel about those amps) but it was a good starter amp.

So before investing in pedals, should I invest in a better amp? If so, any suggestions? Price isn't an option, but keep in mind I don't need anything huge like stacks.

Any questions? Ask :p

EDIT: My setup now is very basic. One of my two Schecters -> Boss TU-2 -> Zakk Wylde Wah - > Amp.

I also play music along the lines of Avenged Sevenfold. But I do like to venture into classic rock such as Boston, and AC/DC. So the range is pretty wide.
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Get a blackstar HT-5 stack or combo if you're home playing and you can just get a pedal to push it into heavy metal.
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Bugera are great for high gain, and you'll never need a pedal to push the gain. It also does crunchy AC/DC tone very well on the appropriately named crunch channel.

Check 'em out.

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Go with Ibanez...Or if you're going high-end, get a Jackson.
a new amp should definitely be the priority here. the spider's an ok practice amp, but it will sound crappy compared to what you can get for a reasonable amount of money
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No more then 400 - 500. Again, doesn't need to be have a crazy amount of watts.

You should sell your spider as well.

So then $550-600 if you were to sell your spider.

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I suppose a Peavey classic, could get used for pretty cheap
A new Egnater Rebel! Just thought of it, its pretty much a great amp. I suppose if you could find a used Rebel that would be /thread, but it might not be loud enough.

I suggest a egnater rebel. Perfect imo, but its up to your ears in the end.
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Check out a Peavey Valveking combo, or a Vox valve combo. Good sounding amps. And if you want to go a little heavier, you can always add a good distortion pedal, like an EHX Metal Muff(What I use). That thing can get very heavy, and doesn't sound like **** like a Boss metalzone or metalcore.

For a classic rock tone, the lead channel already on the amp can handle it just fine, on the Peavey. It has a gain boost switch that gives it a little extra warm bite. I have the Peavey VK212, and it's a great amp. very versatile. I can go from playing Pantera to Joe Satriani to Zeppelin to Neil Young just by moving a few knobs around.

If you have any questions about either the Vox or Peavey, ask me, cause I've used both extensively.
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well if this is probably your second amp then get something in the Roland Cube series I have one and it does great with pedals (listed in sig except my new Boss RC-20 coming in the mail)
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modeling amps in general (cubes, vypyrs, valvetronix, spiders, you name it!) dont sound good with pedals. if you plan to build a pedalboard, you need a better amp unless you want to regret something

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As you don't want a lot of watts I assume you're playing in the home so possibly a valve amp wouldn't be the best choice. In which case, take a look at a Peavey Vypyr 30w (or the 75w if you want more options for the future) and the Sanpera II floor controller, that way you'll have everything you'll need for the foreseeable future in a one-stop-shop
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