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This man is right.

My life in all aspects is going fucking brilliantly, so I just thought I'd offer a cyncial scrap of wisdom, gloat a little, and then leave.
PRS,Carvin,BRJ,EBMM,and BFR.


Quote by The red Strat.

or Gibson. their QC is in incredibly consistent.

yer go suhr!!

but gibson, QC consistent ! HAHA

not ova here at least my friend, have heard major problems ova in the states with a lot of their newer stuff too

older gibsons bout 4 years ago where pretty darn consistent, but now i belive its sorta gona down hill???
Quote by sticktrix1
yer go suhr!!

but gibson, QC consistent ! HAHA

not ova here at least my friend, have heard major problems ova in the states with a lot of their newer stuff too

older gibsons bout 4 years ago where pretty darn consistent, but now i belive its sorta gona down hill???

put on your sarcasm detector mate
Quote by The red Strat.
put on your sarcasm detector mate

Oh, hahahaha!!

tru, sorta couldn't tell haha

but in agreeance with ya mate hey!!
Schecter, as long as they aint got EMGs i know i like them.
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Suhr and Jackson USA are the only 2
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wouldnt try many, Gibson VOS would maybe be the only one
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i know alot of people hate them but i've actually never had a problem with BC Rich and i'll continue to do buisiness with them.....aside from there Bronze and Platinum guitars cause yeah those do suck
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where do you live that you cant try out a guitar before you buy it? thats just asking for trouble imo. even if its good who knows whether youll like the feel or not, or will know if its "good".
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Suhr, and especially PRS (out of the ones I know and have tried); you can't find a bad one, simply because they destroy them completely and make them again before leaving the factory

EDIT: oh, and ESP has a really high QC too, I forgot it! (that doesn't include LTD obviously, just to clarify!)
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and most Japanese made guitars.
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...A little too proud, to be honest.
Paul Reed Smith, without a doubt, I have played Gibsons that weren't up to my expectations, but I have never been disappointed by a PRS, also I think that Fender is a pretty solid and reliable guitar, and I would buy one without trying it.
Hm, difficult.
To me, the companies with the most consistent quality (and therefore the most trustworthy) are:
Fender, Framus, Höfner, PRS and some smaller companies and custom guitar manufacturers, including Huber, Morgaine, Vigier, LuK, as well as custom shops of some of the bigger companies, like Jackson and Ibanez.

If I spent some timing thinking about it, I could probably come up with twice as many custom shops and small manufacturers.

Oh, and never trust Gibson or Epiphone, ever.
Quote by LedZeppelin9345


PRS myself. I just tried out a PRS for the first time, to check out the neck. I FELL IN LOVE, I thought I played for like 20 minutes, turn out to be an hour.

My guitars from now on = PRS. They need some acoustics.
Dean or gibson, never played one i wouldnt have bought ifi had the cash.

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ESP. duh
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Or like the time I yelled out "WHY DOES IT BURN WHEN I PEEEEEEEE????"
Best. Library time. Evar.

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I yelled "I leik t3h mudkipz" in my grade 9 orientation.
None, but Ibanez if I had to pick one. Haven't played a single Ibanez I didn't like.
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I'm not sure I could pick between ESP Japan guitars, Suhr, or PRS. All of them make amazingly consistent volume guitars. I don't think it's fair to compare the higher end companies though. I've never played a product Suhr though. I would have to say in terms of least consistent, Gibson by far. Jackson/Charvel a distant second, even though I think most of their QC issues and spec problems are in the past, and you're only hearing about them because some of the guitars have taken over 2 years to ship.
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