Can anyone tell me what gauge they are ? And can I get to drop C with them ?
I would take a guess and say 9's, most companies tend to ship out guitars with them stock, although it could sometimes be 10's, ive seen that a couple of times. Either way you probably wont be able to get to drop C with them, i recommend some 10-52's.
Q: What brand & gauge strings are used on my Diamond Series instrument?
A: All Diamond Series electric guitars feature factory-installed D´Addario XL strings: .010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046.

Our 7-string electric guitars use a .056 for the low ´B.´

Extended-scale guitars (like the Blackjack C-1 EX baritone); we use D´Addario XL strings: .013/.017/.028w/.038/.048/.062.

Hellcat VI; set up with SIT Power Steel stainless strings: .025/.035/.045/.055/.075/.095.

My Omen 6 FR uses 10-52.
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Will it be enough for drop C?