Hi guys. I've been playing guitar for 3 years, live for 1 and a half but not since buying my newest toy. A Boss ME-50 effects box. Before, I'd play with a Line 6 Spider II 60w(?) and a Dunlop Crybaby. Since purchacing my ME-50, I got all sorts of interuptance from the Line 6. I since quit the band I was in and have layed the groundwork for a new one. Problem is I need a new amp. One that has no onbard effects and one that is just easy and will let me use my own effects with no interuptance yadayadayada.
Any suggestions? (Btw, my limit will probably be about £300)
Much luph,
yeah, I would'nt expect a modelling pedal to sound good on a modelling amp. Will you be gigging again? I would think you would want an amp with a clean channel in case the ME doesn't work out so well on the dirty channel. I'm in the States so I don't know how much I could help here. 300 is what about $450 USD?

We really need to know what genres you play and some of your favorite bands before we spout out amp brands.

okay sorry, my bad!
i play alot of metal really but play blues ALOT. im not really fussed with playing blues live but to answer yur question yes, i will be gigging again quite soon.
i listen to killswitch engage, all that remains, lamb of god, metallica etc.
i was thinking the Stagg 60 GA R maybe? cheap but cheerfull lol
but yeh, i assume £300 converts to $550? roughly?
thanks for your reply btw
Well, if you are just playing Blues at home and are not to fussed about that then maybe a Valveking. I hear Laney's can do metal too but I don't think it is the VC series. Need GH or something. I hear mixed things on the Orange Tiny Terror as well as the Valveking.

Here is clip of the VK doing a bunch of different stuff. I had it fresh on clipboard.


Edit: Blues to Metal is tough to pull off in one amp for that budget. Also look at the B52 AT60.