hey dudes
i am looking to purchase a acoustic guitar and would like a tanglewood as there are manyof these stocked in my local music shop and after playin them on my work experience i decided i like the brand.
What models do u own if u do or one u would reccomend. It needs to be steel strung and i would like a cutaway but it does not have to be essential. Also i would like it to be a dreadnought or jumbo as i like the style and sound.
I am willing to pay bout £250 im not sure what this is in dollars but i think its around $400.
Other brands stocked in the shop are deane and crafter bt they seem to be a bit more expensive.

Thanks in advance for your help guys ! ! !


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My very first guitar was a Tanglewood TFC-E, it's actually a really good guitar and higher quality than the standard beginner guitar. I think it cost me about £150
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ok kool do u think this guitar will be good for intermediate to advaced guitarists??

Yamaha Pacifica 612v
Squier Tele
Roland Cube 30x
Freshman Acoustic
I just bought a tanglewood tw 115 for £279 and to be honest it sounds and plays bloody good for that price.

I played every acoustic in the shop between £200 and £300 and it won hands down against them all cept a £350 indie pure which it was pretty even with.

ps. my brother has had one of these for about 2 years no problems with his
I've heard good things about them, they're a nice brand.

Try and aim for at least a solid top. The most important thing is that you like it (that doesn't go for ibanez acoustics though )
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Friend of mine has a Tanglewood. Awesome guitar.

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