So I currently own a Marshall MG100HDFX but I've been looking for another half stack because the Marshall just doesnt seem to create the sound I'm looking for (after years of tweaking, I still cant find the right sound, and it annoys me). I've been looking at other affordable half stacks and I came across the B-52 LS100 half stack. From reviews on internet music gear stores, it seems to be a really nice amp, but the same goes for the MG100HDFX so I dont know if its a good source or not. Anybody own a B-52 LS100 half stack, played it, or have any good advice about B-52 amps that could help me make a decision?
Why a half stack may I ask?

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You could get the B52 combo that's on sale... It'll crush your MG.
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Don't trust reviews on the Internet. 'Talk' to real people like you are doing now. I've not played the LS but from what I've read - I would stay away from it. And as he ^ said, why do you need a halfstack? I would much prefer the all-tube B52 AT60 at GC for $360.

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