Lately, when i'm playing guitar
my elbow hurts.
I stop then and i start again after a while.
But then again,my elbow starts to hurt.
Am i doing something wrong?
I've been playing for a year and a half
and this never happened to me until now.

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Play with your wrist, not arm.
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yah if you speed pick with your arm it can cause pain in elbow and cramp up your shoulder. I use to always use my arm but then that happened to me...if you do use your arm itll take time to retrain yourself but its worth it
Play from the wrist, at least if it's your picking arm you're having trouble with.
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if i do tappin, i find that my elbow some times feel stiff and sort of locks, but yeh pick from wrist!
Could be a repetitive stress injury.

I've been gigging regularly again over the past year or so and found that I get something akin to tennis elbow in my fretting arm after a while if I don't warm up properly. I've also picked up a forearm brace which helps take the stress off of the area if/ when it flares up.