For any fans of this genre of music out there, how is this created exactly. I play guitar and want to get these sounds badly.

Listen to city in the dust on my window http://www.myspace.com/hammockmusic please and advise?
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Delay pedals, fender jaguar, amp with awesome cleans, reverb pedal?

However the most important thing is to "feel" the music, just let it take you somewhere, When your playing for people and they stop everything and everyone's quiet, thats when you have hit the nail on the head.
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You mean the noise at the begining?

Maybe you could try lots of layers of feedback. That's an idea.

Or, my mate did this thing once, I have no idea how - But he used aload of VST synths and like, got them to play through themselves or something, and the noise is created was feedback, and that sounded quite similiar.

It's probably some really weird technique on that song, but those are ways you could do something similiar.
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I cant listen to that clip because im at work, but im assuming you mean the really long kind of droan-ey sounds etc that other ambient/post-rock bands use like explosions in the sky,mogwai and sigur ros use right?

If so use lots of reverb, delay etc on a real nice clean setting. Also ebows go a long way when added with lots of delay, like to the brink of oscillation (Ive got the deluxe memory man, so I set it JUST before it goes out of control and delays the delay and its perfect so that kind of sound.) Also a loop pedal can help, you can make the ambient background with ur delay pedal, then loop it, then play normal delayed guitar over the top.
Delay, Feedback, Reverb, Using a slide/ebow, messing around with other effects are ways to get those sounds. For the example you showed, a delay pedal is pretty much necessary.
As you can tell by mine and everyone else's comments. Delay and Reverb are a must.
Thanks for everyones replies.

Any specific amps I should looking at or does that not matter so much?
Delay pedals, reverb, chorus effects, a good clean electric, a good acoustic, a recording program with built in effects (such as Audacity) where you can alter the music to make it more ambient, synths, keyboards, pianos, and such. This is what I use.
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Amp-wise isnt hugely important, as long as it has nice good cleans you can get them or similar sounds.
To be honest more important than the amp is actual effect pedals you get, because, in my opinion anyways, the effect pedal needs to be decent to give a real nice, lush ambient feel, I recomend analogue delay because although digital may be able to give exact replica's of the delayed signal, when your trying to create that ambient kind of tone and sound it normally sounds 'organic' if ya get me? But thats just my opinion.
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Like everyone's said, delay, reverb, chorus, flanging, good clean amp with distortion pedals. Put the reverb before the distortion in your chain.

There's a thread in GG&A dedicated to this sort of music and what you need. If you have more questions, ask them here.
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