hey guys!
if u're a fan of metal (mainly melodic death and brutal death, but every1 else is also welcome!!!) then check out my band
at the moment its a one man project, but soon there'll be a drummer (who's in already) and a bassist and a rhythm guitarist.
There are 2 songs on my profile, Jingle Bells Of Death and Mist Of Hades, these are 2 originals, and the only 2 originals on the page (apart from the acoustic solo, but thats not metal, so f*ck that for now!!)
Hope u enjoy it!!!
thank you!!
AHA Jingle Bells Of Death

This is a tounge in cheek kinda thing, like a joke? AHA
lp345: It's a virus
rage6945: i went on a little bit torrent spree and got Jay-z's black album
nebno6:Maybe it's god punishing you for having a bad music taste.
hahah yeah jingle bells of death was a joke song....
but Mist Of Hades was actually a serious song which was worked on for about 5 months now! haha