I use my external soundcard to use audio applications such as Reason and Guitar Rig etc, I record using cool edit using my onboard sound on my laptop.
Once for example I have recorded drums, I will open another cool edit window and record music from the external soundcard while looping the beat to keep it in time.

This method has worked for me for several years with no issues. Now all of a sudden for no logical reason I can't record like this. If I open two cool edit windows at once I cant play a loop and record at the same time because my EXTERNAL soundcard produces static.
This defies all logic, seeing as cool edit is using my onboard sound NOT my external soundcard, how the hell would opening two cool edit windows possibly affect my external soundcard when it has nothing to do with it?
I get the same problem when using Audacity as well.

I need to either fix this problem or record some other way.

More information :

External sound card : Lexicon Lambda USB

Windows Vista 32-bit.
2Gig RAM
Core 2 Duo 1.67Ghz

Using laptop onboard audio (Realtek)

This is what happens : http://media.putfile.com/WTF-Audio-Problems

edit: Putfile is being a **** too... NOTHING ****ING WORKS?!!!!! **** YOU!!!! ARGH
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I've got a Dell PC running Vista and Cool Edit will let me play back files, but I cannot record. I've tried everything I can think of to fix it on this PC. I've also got a much better soundcard installed, but even the integrated card refuses to work with it. It worked fine under XP on my old PC. If you figure out how to fix it, let me know.