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I have this old silvertone banjo that was my grandpa's.The back has a few cracks in itand the bridge is messed up, making it unplayable.I'd like to fix it up cuz its kinda sentimental to me.so i was wondering if anyone here would know anything about it cuz i dont know a thing about it. id like to know what year it is ,if its worth any money and how much it would cost to repair.Thanks for the help




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well i dont know much about banjos, though i'd like to. from what it looks like you will probably need a new bridge. as far as the crack im not super expirenced but....
does it go the full length of the back? is it opened up?
either way you will need to use some wood on the inside to support/brace the crack. and if it is open then a filler strip of wood is needed to fill the gap.
if theres no gap you could probably just brace it inside at leave the outside "cracked" so its still origional.

for parts check stew-mac. im pretty sure they have the bridge
also any glue or stuff you may need.

hope that helps