High gain amp, geared towards high gain music, if you have read the overview you would have seen what it's capable of , yes it has a clean channel. No offense but all the information is on the same page, plus you can always check out the ENGL website. Word of advice though, you should research an amp before asking for an opinion, a lot of your question could have been answered then

EDIT: also what is your budget?
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If you're looking for a 4000$ Guitar Amp Head, I don't think you should ask about its cleans from us. Go and try one. However, I'm sure it has nice cleans although it's a high gain amp.
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Engl's are mostly thought of as being good for clean and high gain, and nothing in between. For more detail, i suggest you explore the ENGL thread, or harmony central.
cool i just wanted to know if they were those kind of amps meant for all metal or a pretty versatile rock amp.

i live in ohio and there really arent any pplaces around here that will carry htose to try
If your primary focus is metal and hi gain ****, ENGL all the way, but for rock and stuff, for that price there is better.

If I were you I'd prioritize potential tones you'd want, and get to personally trying out as many amps as you can, because for that amount of money it doesn't come down to quality, but rather preference.
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Half of the opinions here will be from dipshits who've never played the amp.
I wouldn't trust UG with $4,000. At least play the amp first.