i have a project to do in french about music, answer these questions for me:

how come we can remember things when we listen to music?

why are certain types of music apropriate for certain situations?

ex: slayer at a wedding

btw, i dont expect any derious answers to these questions, i am aware of where i am and who i am talking to but i hope someone will do their best
we remember stuff because it is probably something we want to remember, so we concentrate more than we would on other things.
the different music can help create an atmosphere.
read This is Your Brain on Music
that will answer all of those
and do your own work
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I believe its because music uses both parts of your brain, and certain situations trigger different emotions because thats our preception of it.
I take it your in music theory?

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i have a project to do in french about music

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read This is Your Brain on Music
that will answer all of those
and do your own work

Great book.

Why isn't Slayer appropriate for a wedding?

I don't know about you, but I plan on walking down the isle to "Angel of Death..."
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what I always was told was that when listening to music, certain parts of the brain are simulated so we can learn habits more easily (a skill, like skateboarding or playing guitar etc.)

Without music, we can (most people at least) concentrate better and remember facts more fast (better for homework). However, with the fast and loud society, some people can't concentrate at all in total science (me too) so they need some background, but not something too distractive, so without danger of listening to it very closely.

I personally like to put some slow rock, or a boring TV show on when studying. Hope this is a good enough answer.
Right side of brain: creativity, art, rhythm, meoldy, ect...
Left side: words, maths, ect...

Lyrics are rhythmic, melodic and they have words, so they use bth sides of your brain = you are twice as likely to remember it....
hope i helped

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my mate walked down the isle to aphex twin, it was ace- priest looked scared