In your opinion what is the Best Music Theory Guide/Column/Lessons that is on UG..
That you have found that helped you the most in learning Music Theory.
I learned all my theory from books from the local library, so I can't tell which articles are easiest to understand.

I agree with one vision on the crusades. Those seem to be the most complete.

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On this site check out the crusades
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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I learnt most of my theory by searching int he lesson for what interests me. E.g. One day I wanted to know why some chord progressions sound good, so I just searched for it in the lessons section. The rest of my knowledge I learn by lurking on here
Obviously, I'm going to say mine.

I really like the Crusades, but I feel even they move too fast for complete beginners. Other than that, Corwinoid has made exceptional contributions to this forum, and his lessons are solid platinum.

I actually learnt most of my basics from a beginners book and everything else from Cor and Resi through MSN and stupid questions here, iirc.