Oh Sheffield band!

EDIT: Nevermind the enthusiam. That wasn't very good.
there is no fear in this heart.

How am I being or trying to be fabulous/glamorous?


These guys taught Arctic Monkeys how to play their instruments.

Love Milburn to bits, travelled 500 mile round trip to go to their last gig, was the best gig ever and I've been to a few gigs. One of those bands where their b-sides are just brilliant not to mention the rest of their back catalogue. Absolute travesty that they didn't make it to a 3rd album yet **** bands like the Enemy and the Twang are aloud to exist. Milburn were real victims of **** music publications (NME) and an apathetic record label (Mercury).

First songs to listen to:

Bridges and Bicycles
That's Not The Only Way To A Man's Heart
Send In The Boys
What You Could've Won
Being A Rogue
Genius And The Tramp
Roll Out The Barrel

then every single track you can get your hands on.

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I've heard of them before, so i had a listen. Nothing special, maybe I need to have a second listen
I agree, the b-sides are amazing. By all means, give them a second listen! They're amazing!

R.I.P Milburn
Yeah I love Milburn (In spite of my previous comment). Does anyone listen to The Backhanded Compliments? It's the guitarist and drummers new band and i prefer them to Milburn actually.