Anyway, bought this old washburn g5v off of craiglist for 100$.....has orignal emg pickups.

I'm assuming the pickups don't go bad and since it has emgs im not sure if there is a battery unless its behind the humbucker pickup?

If it doesnt have a battery, any idea what would cause the very low sound i hear.....maybe this guitar was a waist of money.

Someone at a guitar shop, said the original floyd rose was actually worth a hundred even if the guitar was garbage?
hmm.... might just need better pickups
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Pics? Have you looked everywhere for the battery? And emg passives suck ASS, but if it has an OFR it might be worth a pickup change.
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What EMGs are they? If they're active ones, there must be a battery. Find it, replace it, and you'll be fine. If the guitar doesn't have an actual battery compartment, you can probably find it in the control cavity.

And yeah, OFRs are pretty expensive. Amazing trem systems, they last a lifetime.
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