How to get good guitar recording quality when putting a video on youtube?

How do people get such clear quality from their guitars when they post videos on youtube? I can only use a camera microphone and it doesn't sound good
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They'll either use a very high-end microphone to mic their high-end amp, or they'll record to USB.
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Quote by jaffawoman
They'll either use a very high-end microphone to mic their high-end amp, or they'll record to USB.

Pretty much this.

I like recording to USB, works great with the right software.
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I have Cool Edit Pro (Adobe Audition what have you) and a very nice high end mic that I plug straight into the tower with the quarter inch adapter. It sounds fine. and I'm not using the greatest amp either, it's just a Crate Combo.
i just turn my amp up about 45% and use my laptop's mic, sounds great.
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Built in laptop mic (usually crap)
Computer mic (usually crap)
Good mic plugged into computer (good)
Good mic plugged into USB (very good)
Good mic plugged into firewire interface (very good)
Sorry to hijack the thread, but how much are USB compatible mics?
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hey man/woman,

Yea i do it the same way ay,

I got a peavey triumph amp, then thats getting recorded by an sm57, which goes into my presonus firebox, which gets recorded.

But youtube compresses the sound badly and makes it sound sh**

check my videos if you want.
isnt there a device called a linerider or something? that runs the sound from the amp straight into the computer so it's ultra mega clean.
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For my acoustic vids:

Samson condenser overhead, through to 16-track deck via USB to Logic Pro, then beatmatched to video track

For others:

Inputs of whatever to deck, out to Logic, same method

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