Its this time again.. Time for a new amp

Have €1500 to spend on a nice new/used combo. Now the only problem is, I dont have a clue what to get

I need only 2 channels, the cleans are pretty important and of course the overdrive needs to have balls and tighness to get within heavy rock/metal(with od pedal) territory.

The amps so far I have been looking at are:
Mesa/boogie F50 combo,
Mesa/boogie Rect-o-verb (top choice so far due to hearing it first hand)
Engl Raider
Koch Twintone II
Orange Rockerverb 50
Randall RM50B with changable modules

Thats it so far. I would like if people played any of these would comment on them would be great or even new recommendations would be great.

Fender Twin for superb cleans and can be overdriven nicely with various pedals.
Moving on.....
honestly at that price you really can't get a bad amp. Mesa's are supposed to be real good and I've yet to hear anything negative about an ENGL. You really need to just play some and find one that you like
Dont like fenders tbh. I have played a few and I love the cleans but their overdrive never did anything for me.
For me, it would probably be between the Orange and the Recto-Verb. I love the sound of the Rockerverb, but I also love Mesa's sound. Try em out and see what you like.