I got this video with some possible solutions...


I was thinking something like a kramer with a maple neck, but theyre quite hard to find where I live.

I want a maple neck, and original floyd rose that I can make go down only.

mmm, something kramer ish..
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original floyd rose that I can make go down only.

Good luck.

EDIT: Ok, I'll make a proper post. ^floyd roses go both ways. Get a vintage trem system/get an FR and only go down.

Try looking for an old Kramer (pre-gibson), you might strike lucky.
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Good luck.

Tremol-no's have a dive only function too.

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^Yeah, but they don't come stock, he might as well get another trem system.

EDIT: Watching OP's vid while posting, S series are great, though again, they have a FR style bridge.

OP, what amp you playing through?
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ESP/LTD has several great gutiars that come floyd-rose equipped for under your price. Ive played these guitars and they can match any.
IMO, don't get a FR ... instead get one with decent trem system and tuners that lock the strings!
For GnR sound ... choose one with H-S-H pickups or just get a Les Paul :P
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im buying this guitar soon unless someone can convince me otherwise


i think its one of the best out there for the price

either go for this or an s series ibanez
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And I want a floyd that goes down only so that I don't have all them tuning problems...

then go with a fixed bridge and abandon your plans of a one-way Floyd

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I think you want something like a Fat Strat or a PRS SE. With locking tuners, a Fat Strat will be pretty good with a pickup change.
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then go with a fixed bridge and abandon your plans of a one-way Floyd

+1 >_>
i have a jackson RR3 rhoads with a jackson FR.....it doesnt go out of tune lol...???
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