Well I've sold my Single Rectifier and I'm now looking to get a 2ch Dual or a
Trem-o-Verb. I tried a 3ch out at GC but I've heard that they sound different from the old 2ch. I'm looking at Craigslist but no one seems to message me back. So I going to buy on Ebay, which means that I can't play it before I buy it. I also checked out youtube for samples and I thought they sounded simular but everyone has different recording quality. I was wondering if any of you have tried both of these and if there is any difference in sound.

I'm open to other amp suggestions but, I really like the sounds I got from my single recto but I need more headroom. I play mostly modern rock like, Seether, Tool, Hurt, Flyleaf, Smile Empty Soul. and I have about $1400 to spend.
Trem-O-Verb will be more versatile, so I'd get that if you need it, the cleans will be better.

If not, the 2 channel's high gain tone is better imo.
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If you want to do a bit more tweaking I'd look into the Roadster.
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Thanks for the replies, I think that I'm going to get the Trem-o-verb, just because it has a better cleans. I really wish I could try them out because everyone seems to say the Trem has better cleans than the 2ch Dual but, I liked the clean channel on my single at low volumes and its not supposed to have good cleans either.
why did you ditch your single? Those are my favorite rectos and believe me, I have played them all.
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I'd go with the dual rectifier. Not sure, but I don't think the trem o verb has the same sound on the lead channels as a solo head.
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