Alright well I'm doing a band project on Joe Satriani and I need to describe a song by him. So, I chose to do Surfing with the Alien and need to describe it in these ways.

Tempo -
Time Signature -
Melody -
Phrasing -
Tonality -
Timbre -
Texture -
Form -

Any help would be appreciated.
Tempo = bpm
Melody = is there any recurring phrases etc
Tonality = what key it is in, is there any modulation?
Timbre = what the instruments sound like
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I know what they mean for the most part.
I'm just having trouble identifying them...
I suggest you look at the Power Tab for this, it will answer Tempo, Time Sig, Tonality(if you know how to work it out). Timbre, Texture, Phrasing: Just describe what you hear, but be sure you have the precise definition of these words.
key changes are from G, then at bridge it shifts upword from C#, then to Eb, then F, then back to G
Yeah, i'd suggest if you don't know what it is then you shouldn't be getting advice from other people, if it's a school project.