I'm looking to sell my absolutely MINT Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier 3 channel Solo head. The head is about a year old, give or take a month, and it comes with the box, footswitch, footswitch cable, tag, the mesa preamp tubes in the amp, 4 Sovtek 12ax7LPS preamp tubes extra, Ruby EL34BSTR power tubes in the amp, and JJs E34L power tubes extra. all of the tubes both in an out of the amp have only a few hours (less than 5) on them. i misplaced the manual and cover, but the manual can be downloaded from their website and if you really need a cover i can provide the cover for my other head (an ENGL Savage 120 which is a bit larger though). Another important note is that this Dual Recto has a black faceplate instead of the chrome one that Rectos normally have, which required the head to be ordered from Mesa/Boogie. Im asking $1200 for everything and i would prefer a pickup in Secaucus NJ, but i will also ship it if you pay shipping and paypal fees. If you do not desire the extra tubes or a cover ill do $1100 plus shipping and paypal fees. I really need the money, therefore i will not accept any trade offers. Just sell what you would want to trade and buy it. If you are interested, have any questions, or would like to see pictures feel free to email me at minervinil1@student.wpunj.edu . you could also just contact me through here but i check my mail much more often

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Front 2 really small.JPG
sometimes... but i also see a lot of them go even higher on ebay. id say my price is around the halfway point, and im also including an extra set of tubes. not to mention that mine is probably a lot newer than most of the ones on there, and if you like the black faceplate better than chrome i only saw one with it on ebay and its an old 2 channel. if you do not like the price you do not have to buy it. i've got enough responses that i know someone else will. On the other hand, I can do $1100 for the whole things with the tubes and cover etc, as $100 is a bit high for tubes and a cover.
God i would love this if i had the money, really diggin the black on the front,
good luck to ya.
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sorry but i cannot take any trades. im pretty much sticking to my ENGL Savage 120 and selling off everything else (well.. this is all thats left anyway) to pay off some expenses.

yeah i really like the black too that was a big draw for me. i have a guy coming to see it saturday but if he doesnt take it you would probably have plenty of time to come up with the funds