I have a Boss BD-2 Bluesdriver, a Boss CS-3 Compressor Sustainer, and Ibanez TS-9 Tubescremer Reissue pedals that i want to get mods done to. I play mostly blues and country. For the BD-2 Bluesdriver, i ve been looking at the Indy Guitarist, Keeley, Analogman, or Monte Allums mods. Which one would you reccomend for this pedal? The Keeley one has a "fat" switch on it. I asked them if i could get the mod without the switch and they said they could. For those of you that got this mod, do you ever use this switch much? What I want from my bluesdriver is a little warmer tone but still different sound than my bluesdriver and for it to sound more realistic plus less noise with higher quality components. I still want the fuzz-type effect when you crank the gain knob on it, but i want it to be higher quality. I think i might go for the keeley for on this pedal. Then, theres the Boss CS-3 Compressor. I ve been told to get a MXR Dynacomp and switch it out cuz the CS-3 is crap. However, what about the mod on the CS-3? Indy-Guitarist and Monte Allums are the only two I see for this one. I would like a good all-around compressor for chicken picking but also for long sustained notes with a little tweaking of the knobs. Which mod would you reccomend for this? Then, the Ibanez TS-9. This is a great sounding pedal stock, but it needs more umff to it. I would like to mod it similar to the old TS808 Tubescreamer specification and again modded for less noise. Indy Guitarist, Keeley, Analogman, and Monte Allums do mods for this pedal. Which mod should i do? Im am kinda leaning towards the Keeley on this one too as well as the bluesdriver. So, in general, for the Blues Driver and Tubescreamer nothing too drastic just want higher quality parts for less noise and tone sucking and better sound quality. The Compressor probably something sort of drastic. Or should i just get a Dynacomp instead of getting my CS-3 modded? The Monte Allums CS-3 mod does sound good and gets good reviews.
To put my question shortly. I want to mod my Boss BD-2 Bluesdriver, my Boss CS-3 Compressor, and my TS-9 Tubescreamer Reissue. So for each one, which mod do you reccomend?
BD-2: Monte Allums, Analogman, Keeley, or IndyGuitarist?
CS-3: Monte Allums or IndyGuitarist?
TS-9: Monte Allums, Analogman, Keeley, or IndyGuitarist?

Which of these mods eliminates noise the best and preserves tone?

For the BD2, try the kurtlives91 mod. Search for his thread "The Ultimate BD-2 Mod".

I never used a CS-3. I have a vintage Dyna comp and I love it. Idk about the new ones.