Hi folks!

Just to give you some background info...

I have a Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster and a Fender Blues Deluxe Amp. So long, the only stompbox that I have is the Full-Tone Full-Drive 2 Mosfet.

I'm very much into the Old Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock and 1970's Blues (Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan etc.) genre.

I was told to get the MXR 10 Band EQ by a fellow U-G member. But another fellow recommended the Menatone Workingmans Blue overdrive pedal.

Which would you guys rather recommend? I really want a Hard Rock sound actually.

P.S. The guys who have the F-D 2 Mosfet - is there a sound/tone difference when toggling Mosfet and Standard mode? - As I cannot seem to hear the difference at all when playing around.


I would post in the Pedal Board thread or the OD thread if you don't get more here.

That is a pretty clean amp you have there so maybe you need more grit. I don't think an EQ pedal comes to the top of MY list.

Great pedal and amp btw.