Alright, so after posting a couple threads about half stacks and other such things, I've seen a lot of replies saying 'You don't need a half stack' or 'why do you need a half stack.' At first, it was annoying, and it still is. However, the more I thought of it, the more it actually started to make sense. I already have a half stack and I'm going to transfer to a full-time college after this semester at community college, so I'll need a nice combo amp to bring with me (because I wont be able to fit a half stack in my dorm). So I'm hoping that I can get some ideas of really nice combo amps that wont break my wallet.

Here are some things that might help:
- I play mostly heavy metal music, sometimes some rock or other random genres, but for the most part metal.
- I like to play heavy rythmns and screaming leads, so the amp will need to provide good tone for both ends.
- I use a lot of distortion, I down tune, and I want to make sure that even if this amp is turned all the way up it doesn't get muddy or scratchy.
- The more watts, the better.
- Effects loop would be nice, but isn't necessary.
- **Budget: Up to $400 or $500**

So any suggestions will be appreciated.
well i guess i would recommend the used 5150 combo. how ever, dont rule out getting a head and a 2x12. its essentially the same size and is more portable. plus that opens up more options.
im not sure what all you can get in that price range. bugera would work, but i hear both good and bad things, and ive never played one, so i cant really recommend it.
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Chea_man is the best.
Ampeg VH-140C if you can find one. The Death Metal Standard.

They go for around 400 although I have heard people getting them much cheaper.

By far the best thing for what you play in your price range.

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