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I have a Standard Mexican Tele. It sounds pretty nice but is a bit too noisy for my liking (as is the problem with a lot of teles I suppose!:lol. So I was thinking of changing the pickups to see if this would help. Have been looking at the Lace TN 100 (Neck) and T 100 (Bridge). They claim to have really nice classic Tele tone with a lot less noise. Was wondering if anyone has any experience of these pickups and have found this to be the case??

Alternatively I would like to put a Lace Sensor Dually in the bridge. However would it be expensive to modify a standard tele bridge for such a pickup? Or is there a different bridge I would have to buy?? Also would the body have to be modified as well because this is a larger pickup than a standard tele bridge pickup??? Don't know much about guitar modifications to be honest and unfortunately budget is a bit of a factor Any advise or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Here's a link to the kind of modification I'm talking about;


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I had the same guitar as you, and did the same thing. I had a tech install a standard sized single coil in the bridge. Yes, a little more routing needs to be done for the pu to fit. It really is not too hard to do, just make sure you find someone who has done it before. If you choose to put a humbucker in the bridge, you will need to replace the bridge. Many after market companys make replacement bridges that are made for a tele-humbucker.
I hope this info helps you a bit. Good luck to you. Let me know how it turns out.
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I had the lace in my strat...they are ok, I am using the active EMG S and SA single coils, they are absolutely quiet and the S has a really nice tele sound, bright and sparkley and super clean...no difficult mods needed, comes with all electronics.
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Thanks for advice and suggestions guys! Some really good ideas here. Will check them out!

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If you choose to put a humbucker in the bridge, you will need to replace the bridge.

Saw one on Ebay this week...don't remember $ but you might want to take a look...Doug.