So yeah, I'm still new at all this recording stuff.

Basically I'm using Cubase LE4 and I downloaded MyDrumkit VSTi Plugin and added it in the VST plugins of Cubase.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how it works. I was told to create an instrument track and to load the plugin. I did it but it tells me that MyDrumkit expected to have Output 1 as Stereo. How do I change this? Is this how I do it?

Help very appreciated.


EDIT: Also, I have another problem, but this time regarding recording quality. Basically, I tried recording by micing my amp directly with a Shure PG57 (Can't afford SM) plugged in my FireBox. But there's this HUGE buzzing that can be heard and it's really pissing me off. Would I be better just directly lining-in my guitar in the interface and then use a AmpliTube in Cubase? Or can this be fixed by EQing or will it be done in the mastering?

Sorry for all those problems, I'm still new

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I'm not fully understanding the problem here. Could you directly paste the error text ?
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The buzzing could be an issue with power cables crossing over instrument cables, etc, I've had those problems before. I think it might be a buffer issue too, is it a bit crackly and really ruining everything? Because if so, then increase the number of buffers/ buffer size by going to Devices>Device Setup>VST Audiobay>Control Panel. Something like that anyway, depending on the interface and drivers you have selected.

As for the main issue, is it not possible to select Output 1 - Stereo from the in and out for that channel? Don't make an instrument track. Just press F11 and select mydrumset as a vst there. Then create a MIDI track and select the mydrumset as the output for that MIDI track. See if that has any effect.
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I'll try increasing the number of buffers and size. If it doesn't work I'll just check my cables.

E/ Hmm in the control panel of the FireBox there's nowhere I can edit the buffers.
It only let me change the Sample Rate, the Latency, the Clock Source (only internal) and level boost the inputs by +12dB.
Nothing more I can do.

As for the F11, I press it but nothing opens up. What is it suppose to do?
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F11 should open VST'S. Just go to Devices>VST setup instead. Can you post a short clip of the guitar recording so that I could determine whether the problem is a buffer issue ?
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Hmm I don't have VST'S.. Only VST Connections and VST Performance...
E/ Oh I think I know what is the problem.. I don't have a midi keyboard yet. xD..

And sure, I'll be recording a clip in a sec:


Hmm it doesn't sound too much (but you can still hear it >.< but it's because I did some EQing to remove some of it. Also, my clean sounds really bad (Even though I use EMG pickups) it should sound better than that. It's almost as it had some distortion at some peaks...

Maybe it's just in Cubase that I hear a LOT of buzzing though... Funny... How could this be? I mean, it's really loud, and after I EQ it, you can still hear it but when I exported it as a WAV, it sounded way less...
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