Hello Sexy UG'ers!

We're based out of calgary and are all 18 years old. Been together for almost seven years now and have just started touring across the provinces of Canada. Check out our myspace and facebook pages for upcoming gigs and info. Until next time, rock out with your c*ck out!

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Kev Glass, Archilles
Quote by RocknEf'inRoll
Hello Sexy UG'ers!

F*ck yeah.

You guys are good. Those songs are really...rythmic, i guess is as good a word as any. A lot of groove.
Thanks Tubyboulin!

Morello is god, keep checkin back to our myspace...we're currently workin on our schedule with our manager. There will definitely be some calgary dates so you can come check it out!! cheers!
Hey you Sexy UG'ers!

Well my band, Archilles, won the Edmonton battle of the bands and is now on to the Nation wide online vote portion, for a chance to be on a Much Music Commercial! Now this is where you sexy people come in. We need as many votes as possible!

To vote go to supernova.com and sign up. Search for Archilles and click on the "vote" button for the Randy River Final Cut 08 contest. Follow the voting process and BAM! your done!

You can vote once per day so get all your friends and family to sign up and vote for us. Help some fellow UG'ers out!

If you wish to check out my bands myspace it is Archilles

Thanks everyone!

Kevin G, Archilles