Just as of yesterday I came across the Valvecaster (yeah, I'm slow!).

It looks like a cheap, easy and decent project to get started in tube audio.

Anyone has soundclips??

Also, I'm looking for a nice clean sound to breathe some life to a SS amp. I'm thinking on putting this little one after my effect pedals (Satchurator, RP3, Dano Fish N' Chips EQ) and the clean channel on my Behringer.

As said, the idea is to have some tube warmth in the signal. I don't need and overdrive (now) or boost... Just a clean tube sound.

Will the Valvecaster fit the bill?? All I've read about it marks it as a Boost/OD.

Thanks for any input whether to this or any other design. The simplest, the better.

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I have built one and a few variations.

To be honest, its alright but nothing special. It is quite dark and compressed. I also don't like the way the gain control is set up.

I would breadboard it and tweak it, it has a lot of potential.