im kinda new at acoustic, i usually jam on electric instead. But regardless, so far i know hotel california, kryptonite, thunder [by boys like girls], more than words, wonderful tonite and your guardian angel on acoustic. whats another kickass song to learn?
Clapton's version of Malted Milk is quite kick ass.
Foo Fighters-Stranger Things Have Happened

I am used to doing more complicated acoustic stuff, but my friend asked me to learn this song and I got to say, it is really fun, and easyish, but hard to sing and play at the same time if you aren't used to fingerpicking and singing at once.
Tears in heaven by Clapton is always a classic, fun to play, and chicks dig it, win-win. Cab For Cutie has some really easy stuff that could get you a nice start on singing while you play, Crooked Teeth has two strum patterns, pick whichever is easier. Try some Tenacious D, the acoustic tracks aren't they hard and they rock : D, try Master Exploder.
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I play Stranger things have happend without fingerpickin'....anyways try taylor by jack johnson (may be kinda hard for a Beginner on acoustic) Blackbird, or Karma Police
jack johnson is the perfect place to start. he has both hard and easy songs check his stuff out.
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"bend the bracket" by chevelle, thats if you feel like downtuning your acoustic guitar to drop B. fun to play though.

"Good riddenc" by greenday

humm, now that i think of this, i don't actually know that many acoustic songs, i need to get to work.
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Clapton's version of Malted Milk is quite kick ass.

Damn straight.

Hey Hey by Big Bill Broonzy is awesome if you're into that old blues stuff.
going by what you listed as you like playing now you'd have fun with cumbersome by seven mary three, and save me by shinedown, both fun to play and easy to sing at the same time. also so far away by staind is fun and easy. almost forgot i love playin 45 by shinedown, you can pick that up real quick. drive, by incubus...man the list goes on

you didnt say anything about finger picking but since everyones going that direction--simple man is fun (i like the shinedown version) and also as someone else said good riddance (time of your life) is fun, and if you know someone else who plays its easy to strum along to that one.

theres tons though man and i just take songs i play electric and play them on acoustic and you'll hear and figure out what you need to change.

p.s. anything nirvana!