I just wrote the new original for my band - REVERSE. Only the guitars and some drum machine drums but its pretty much the basis of the song. It's a hard rock ballad, if you can call it that way.

It's on my profile, please Check it out and tell me what you think and how to improve it (remember that I've only played guitar for about 2 year lol).

Thanks to everyone that listens to it!
is it the "third origional song"? the guitars in this sound really nice. i like that riff. i think your lead tone could be a little better, but the playing is really nice.
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you seem really talented. the song is clean and pleasant to listen to. you should get a singer to top off that song and it would be even better. I didnt like the tone of the rhythm guitar all that much.
Yeah the tone sucks because it was recorded in line out! No amps here giving some juice to the sound :X
i love the third original song..
thats so tight.
i love the progression.
keep it up man! :]