My friend has his grandpa's '68 gibson j-45 acoustic and there is a crack in the top from the bridge right down to the bottom of the guitar's top. What would have caused this. I noticed it as i went to play it and i'm sure it hasn't been mishandled in any way. Can this be fixed to normal?
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It was probably caused by low humidity drying out the guitar. It can be fixed, but it should only be taken to a highly skilled professional luthier, not some snot at guitarcenter or something.
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Its most likely from humidity. Try and see if you can get gibson to fix it or take it to a luthier.

EDIT: basicly what schneiderman said
Yeah... probably humidity.

To fix a vintage guitar like this, you have to find a real experienced luthier. Not just some average guy. Vintage guitars need special care. Take it to a reputable luthier.
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^ Yep, good advice up there. Also you might try contacting Gibson for a certified repair shop near you. You'll do better and they should stand behind the repair.