I bought a Charvel San Dimas back in 98 from Guitar Center in Villa Park, IL. I was told it was a pretty rare strat since they normally didnt cary the Charvel brand and also that a factory had burned down or something like that. Anyways, I unfortunately am looking to sell and am trying to figure out its worth. It is in mint condition and probably played ( handled or even picked up ) less than 30 times. I have changed the strings and also adjusted the neck so to avoid any warping. It has two single coil and a humbucker double coil, diMarzio pickups, a 5 way switch and unfortunately no locking tremolo. Color is white and has a made in usa plate on the back with a number. I was told these plates are common items on ebay and other sites and therefor easy to deceive.

How can I authenticate my San Dimas and maybe get an accurate appraisal?

Thanks to all that reply.

I'm assuming you could find a legitimate website which has an online repository of valid serial numbers for American made Charvels, to cross-check your own serial number against. That would at least verify that it is, what it says it is.

What's interesting is that you bought the guitar in '98, which means it could be from that time itself, but if you're lucky it could be from 80s, in which case you're golden.

I suppose you could probably approach a luthier/appraiser who's knowledgeable about Fender products, since Fender purchased Charvel officially in 2002.