OTS thing basicly about people who are too optimistic. im sure it needs some work

Shut up
Get out and close the door
Shut up
Everyday i want it more
Shut up
If i think the end is near
Tomorrow ill just have more to fear
Shut up
Pessimism makes me proud
Shut up
Anthology of my let downs
Shut up
The optimists they talk to loud
I wish they wouldnt make a sound

Shut up, dont talk no more
I know youre wrong, this courts adjourned
Youre thoughtful good is more like a thorn

Shut up
Waited so long that it hurts
Shut up
The message drawn in the dirt
Shut up
What could a girl want more
Than be loved by one she cant adore
Shut up
It makes my heart burn
Shut up
Whenever i hear of her
Shut up
Why cant only she let me down
But no ive got other reasons to frown

I told you all to stop talking to me
Talking about how good it will be
Please dont give me hope, in it i will drown
Cause there isnt much pleasure that im allowed
Yea that's right, I want something to explode

I've been deaf, now I want noise