This is a song I wrote a few days ago and I was hoping to get some feedback. It's not very close to being finished (it doesn't even have a chorus yet) and there isn't a clear rhythm but I think it has some potential. Also, I have no idea why there are refrences to Mississippi in this song or why Mississippi is in the title. I guess it seemed like a far-off place. Any and all criticism is welcome.

Mississippi Seeds

I don't have anything to say
I want to stay inside today
Look out, I might rot away
But everyone tells me I'm okay

How come it's so cold inside
Why won't the sun let me hide?
I don't have any clever bromides
I'm just looking for a simpler time

I'm surrounded by growing trees
But I can't cut down a single thing
I guess I'll sit here and count seeds
Another night ends in Mississippi
lolz, you can sing it with the same style as "if that mocking bird don't ring"
Shred Head
All that theory my guitar teacher tries to drill into my head just gets buried under piles of porn and I never manage to apply any of it
if this isn't even close to being done, it might be good to repost it in the freepost sub-forum
of course if you want thought on it then that isn't the best place, but i don't know how many people are gonna say more than "yeah is has potential" or "no this sucks" here.