Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone has used any of the online retailers for buying guitars? The reason I ask is due to set-up. Some retailers actually state they do not set-up before dispatch and offer this service at a cost. Some just say "buy online and get the same service that you get buying in store"

Has anyone any experience of online buying? In particular from Andertons UK ?
I bought my Ibanez from www.imuso.co.uk and it came perfectly set up and pretty fast as well. You can probably get w/e you're looking for cheaper as well.
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Normally I think buying gear online is a very stupid idea, however I will admit that specifically Andertons can be okay. I travelled all across the country to go to their physical store to try guitars out and I was really impressed how well they maintained everything, and if my understanding is correct then their physical store and their online store are the same, they don't have some big warehouse for online stock or anything like many online shops have, so whatever you buy online would be the actual guitar that's sitting in the store too, and they do seem to have checked them all over, keep them set up well, etc etc.

So if you're buying something cheap, I wouldn't think buying from Andertons would be a problem. They're the only people I would trust to buy online from.

On the other hand if you're buying anything worth more than a few hundred I strongly advise you go to a store yourself.
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Andertons is perfectly fine

I bought my Dual Recto there because it was something like £200 cheaper than everywhere else, works perfectly
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Cheers guys.

I am going to be buying an American Standard strat online purely because it is much cheaper than buying from my local stores. I have not played in years so is there an easy way to check it when it arrives?