so CCR (creedence clearwater revival) is one of my favorite bands, and i know that they're considered to be the foremost swamp rock band...

but i dont really know any other bands that are considered to be swamp-rock (to my knowledge, at least).

what other bands play this style / instrumentation?
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lynyrd skynyrd, the eagles (rooted in southern rock, but there not really a good example), the ****ing allman brothers, zz top.
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Who is ccr?

if i remember right its clearwater credence revival
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Creedance Clearwater Revival?
Edit: beaten to it. I forgot about this great, underrated classic rock band.

I can't remeber hearing anything like them, but The Ramones did a cover of Have you ever seen the rain.
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creedence clearwater revival

i guess i just never thought of the so-called southern rock bands to be the same genre as swamp-rock...

the thing about CCR is that they have a different style and instrumentation than other southern rock (imo). they seem to have a lot of rockabilly influence, and also mixed acoustic / electric guitar work... also, thematically, they are associated mostly with new orleans rather than the rest of the south (despite being from california). i've never come across a band that i thought was quite like them.
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I don't know any other swamp bands, but that CCR tone makes me splooge every time I hear it.
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check out some of dr. johns stuff...definitely swampy! he's from Louisiana. His album
"Gris Gris" sounds like swampy, psychedelic infused rock
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i'm familiar with some of dr. john's stuff... he still doesn't have the same appeal to me as creedence clearwater revival... i like him, but he doesn't do the same for me as some creedence stuff...
The Drones have been described as swamp rock but I don't really see a similarity to bands like CCR
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