I have an older Squier HM. Recently I discovered that the neck has separated on the back, just below the screws for the nut. Can anybody offer any advice on a repair for this? I am on a disability and can't afford much. I found this guitar when I worked at an apartment complex. Parts missing, finish in bad shape. I've refinished it and replaced some parts. The best thing is it didn't cost me anything. I am just starting to play and would like to use this for that purpose. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
High quality wood glue and a clamp? I'm not an expert on these things so don't quote me but I think that would be the standard course of action with something like this.Maybe someone with more experience will come around and give more insight int the actual steps of the process.


That looks to me like it's just a break along the scarf joint joining the headstock to the neck. It's a pretty simple fix but you'll want to take it to a proper luthier to fix it properly (otherwise it might just break again)
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uhhh, i don't think that can be fixed, you could try supperglue but i don't think it will work, i think you going to have to buy a new neck.

You can fix a neck with wood glue, but that break ^^ would be a hassle because the necks only partially broken...

If you really dont want to buy a new neck (easiest option) then I'd take the neck of the guitar, pry the fretboard of the neck, and glue the neck back together with some crazy strong wood glue. Then glue the fretboard back on.....thats my best guess,
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In all honestly, getting that thing playable is not going to be cheap. Even a pro repair often leaves something like that not playing the same way it did before, much less a first time attempt. It would not hurt to try it yourself, but it is going to be a tough battle. Then there is no guarantee it will stay fixed or the truss rod is intact. For it to split like that, it either got wet or was dropped, meaning other things are likely wrong with the neck. Necks simply do not split at the scarf joint like that normally.

If the neck joint is a normal one you should be able to replace the neck relatively cheaply ($100-150, which would be less than a pro fix on that) with something off a lower end Jackson, but other than that I am not sure what to tell you
My cheap Ibanez bass broke in that same spot. I used wood glue and a clamp and let it sit for a few days. After it was done, you can barely feel where it was cracked. Plays great now. I sold it for $100
1) Finish the break so you have 2 piece of neck.

2) Get original titebond and a hell of a lot of clamps.

3) Apply titebond to the crack, and clamp it as tightly as you can. Believe it or not, the less glue that ends up in there, the the better.

4) Wait at least 3 hours before taking the clamps off, but I would say over night is best.

Don't string it up for a few days to be really safe though.

If you want to t, you can re-lacquer the neck too.
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I thank everyone for their advice. I am attempting to glue it myself with something called "Gorilla Glue". Supposedly stronger than super glue or titebond. I contacted a local repair shop and the guy quoted up to $250 bucks, just to fix it, not even replace it. I told him no thanks. I'll see what I can do with it myself. It is curing as I write this, so I'll post an update in a few days. Later
Ahhh, I know what to do.

That was my Les Paul about 5 months ago. All I did, was buy Elmers wood glue, carefully put enough glue into the crack, along the edges and in the middle. You might have to break it a bit more, but you could probably pull it off with the neck broke like that. Hold it, put on two clamps, one middle bottom, one middle top. Tighten them hard and leave it for as long as you can. I left mine for 3 days, after that, it worked fine, I feel the crack when I play, but I don't care.
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