wow sup everyone? it's been at least 6 months since ive last written anything, so i thought i'd throw a lil sumthin out there for you all. i understand that is has no rhythm, so piss off!

open eyes dont ever see
curruption and lies surrounding me
we are blind in our youth
close your eyes to see the truth

life and death ; all just cycles
this elevated state of mind that we call sentient
will you not rot?
will you not fall?

We are...conscious ...Rise so tall...know it all...In the end....ALL you have is dirt.

I'm you god,
on the ground
rise me up,
to throw me down

Why is hate so easily found?
It lives within, and is the cornerstone to all life.
what you want
is what you need
im the ****,
plant your seed

**** the world, **** you too
planning the days we're comming to.
(We are) The anti-cancer
(We are) The only answer
Stripped down, we want you dead
But what's inside of me, you'll never know
(We are) Bipolar gods
(We are) You know what we are