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Added all up mines worth about $1,976. Whats the price of all of your gear added up?
-Peavey Classic 30
-Silverburst Epiphone Les Paul Custom
-Squier Stratocaster
-Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer
-Fender PT-100
-MXR Phase 90
-Fuzz Face Clone
-MXR Carbon Copy
About £800.
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Charvel Soloist (estimated with customization (new headstock, new electronics, new pickups)) - $1,500
DigiTech RP250 Modeling Processor - $150
Line 6 Spider III 75w - $250
Rickenbacker 4003 - $+-2,000
Peavey 400w full stack - $400
Fender Dreadnaught acoustic - $200
Spectrum Stratocaster - $200

I ain't adding it all up.
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Over 4000$ Canadian. So i guess in real currency, about 50 cents.
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Too much, probably $3000+ in American, although had I bought the gear over there it'd be more like $2000, damned rip off UK pricing!
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My gear comes to about, $5.00 CAD. And that's including my strings and pedals.
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not enough.
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A bit over 5 grand.
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Between 2-3 grand.
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about 2000....
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$1190 USD right now. But in about six months if all goes just right I'll be up at $2000. Then after that I begin saving for the baddest bad ass amp money can buy. Recomendations?

EDIT:Add 2,000 for my violin. So its a grand total of $3190 USD
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ESP - $700
Crate amp - $400
Hendrix Pedal - $100 or so
Wah - $60 i think
mis pedals - $150 - $200
Stagg - $300
Epi electric - $150
Epi Acoustic - $250
Washburn 1 - $350
Washburn 2 - $100
Dimebucker - $90
Fender amp- $250

Total - $2925

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But it's not really fair, I have two good guitars, and I have like 30 ****ty/ok guitars that I got for cheap..
Gibson LP - 1800
American Fender Strat - 800
Jap Fender Strat - 600
Stagg SG rip - 200
Ibanez bass - prob round 300 (was a gift)
Cort Acoustic - 250
Orange Crush 15R - like 120

$4070 Canadian.
Dean ML - 200
Walden D552 - 350
Arlo West Pinecaster Esquier - 900 [[?] He doesnt sell them, but thats about how much they would be worth]
Peavey Rage 158 - 90
Dunlop Crybaby 535Q - 120
Digitech RP12 - 100

Soo.... $1760

Oh oh oh, forgot my trumpet and sax...

Yamaha Bobby Shew Sig. - 1700
[Something] Alo Sax - 300

Kustom 30w- 350
Carvin DC145- 1,400
Digitech Rp2000- 400
metal core- 100
Marshall Bluesbreaker- 50
Rp50- 25?
Cables- 60
Acoustic Electric w/ case- 350

2660. OMG. And that isn't counting my Squier and cheapo amp. Dude. I'm not a cheap date.
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Schecter C-1 plus - $680 w/case
Washburn D-100 acoustic - $100
Silvertone Sg copy - $80
Squier Standard Strat - $200
Crate VTX 212 - $420
Fender Blues Junior - $400
Marshall MG 15 - $115

Total: $1995, not counting cables, strings, etc.
thats not counting ALL the picks i lost to those damn pick gnomes
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inb4 over 9000

for me about $600

i hate you. but OVER...100!
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Some of you guys are way too young to have the gear you do, you've either worked like bitches or are spoiled little shits.
electric guitar - $999
+ amp - $250
+ acoustic guitar - about $250 (not sure, my dad bought it for me when as a present.)
about $1500
grok it.


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Wow. In 3 years my gear is still the cheapest compared to all of you with your expensive stuff.

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