Hey guys,
I've gotten recently into Mic'ing up rather than using VST to simulate amps and whatnot. Check out the song on my profile called Pain For Pleasure.
I don't want critics about the song itself, just the recording.
It's ok. My main issue lies with the bass. I think the bass has not enough low frequencies and is a little thin. It also doesn't mesh well with the rest of the mix in my opinion.
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The guitar on the left sounds a little boxy. The bass is also being masked by the guitar. Just work on your mic positions, and EQ the bass a little. Try boosting the 1-2k area, and cutting out a bit from the 250-400 area.
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The guitar on the left sounds a little boxy. The bass is also being masked by the guitar. Just work on your mic positions, and EQ the bass a little. Try boosting the 1-2k area, and cutting out a bit from the 250-400 area.

Noticed that only after the final mix. The reason I cut the 1-2k so that it doesn't overdub the Bass drum. Will give it a shot.
If you don't want it to cover the bass drum, try setting a high pass on the bass from 80hz, then boost the kick at 50hz and at 4-6khz.
And I forgot to ask, what exactly did you mean by "boxy". I know the guitar on the left pan is too loud and unbalanced with the rest of the guitar tracks. Is that what you meant ? Or is there something else in particular I should be taking care of ?
There's a weird mudiness that made the guitar sound like you put the amp and guitar amp in a box. You might have recorded it in a small room and have gotten too much build up around the low mids, because the mic got too much room sound. Try putting the mic all the way up to the grill.
You've got some really decent tones happening, which is good. That's the hard part.

You also have a good sense of space in your mix, which is good too.

The issues that stand out for me are:
1. This was mixed by a guitarist. (sound familiar?) The guitars are owning everything here, and although this song calls for them to be prominent in the mix, the drive of the rhythm section is being stomped on mercilessly by the guitars. Solution = mix from the bottom up. Start with the drums and bass, then add the guitars.
2. Those hats in the beginning... no drummer would do that - at least not like that. Tame them down and make them more natural sounding. I found them to be distracting.

Also, it is *really* hard to mix without proper monitors. When you get a pair, you'll be amazed at what you hear.


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Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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needs more bass. I feel like the notes are being cut short. to punchy/staccatto for my taste in the beginning. later on this fits well.

Guitars are a bit to controlling as well. the tone is excelent and they do sound great. just a tad to loud.

also, i agree with the high hat comment. there its a bit to loud. while the bass drum isnt loud enough.

everything has great space. I like the panning. With a bit of adjustment to the low end this mix will sound great.
Is that bass guitar panned to the left or am I imagining it?

never pan bass, it needs to be dead-centre
how did you pan those guitars, there's alot of space in the middle of the mix and alot of guitar at each side. sound allright in mono but abit weird in stereo.

you can never get a really good result from recordings sounding like these.
Was waiting for your reply Chris Cheers.
I guess for the drums I could use less velocity on EZdrummer, seems to work, I noticed that it sounds very hard, as if the drummer was using a sledge hammer.

About guitars, it's really confusing, I mean, I'm listening to the song everywhere, on 5.1 surround speakers, on monitors, on my Xbox360 to see how it sounds.
The lead (panned, both left and right) guitars were recorded at a low volume, so I had to normalize them, which is propably what you are talking about. I usually don't like to use VST effects besides compression and studio reverb occasionaly. I will post a new mix tomorrow, seeing as my "raw" tracks all sound decent, no "un-wanted" reverbs or noises.
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How did you get the recording so clear?

By not trusting Amp simulation software :P
Used two mics on my amp.

Edit :

I'm having trouble with EZdrummer, I don't know what to do about my ear-destroying hi-hat. Any suggestions ?
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